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In defence of grammar pedantry It’s really ok to be a grammar pedant. Shutterstock Roslyn Petelin, The University of Queensland This week, the financial press reported the downfall of a high-profile grammar pedant, Professor Paul Romer, the World Bank’s chief economist, who was hoist(ed) with his own pedantic petard. He is being replaced as head […]

How to hold effective performance discussions that produce better results

This post was written for Challenge Consulting. More regular and less structured feedback and conversations are rapidly replacing the annual review. At a recent open day at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) I listened to Kerrie Yates, Consultant at Catalyst Learning and Development, explain exactly how to go about holding an effective, productive performance […]

Don’t eat sardines at your desk: the office guide to modern manners

Let me being by confessing that I don’t work in an office much any more. These days I’m free to make my own office rules. But I did a quick ask-around to find out what bothers people most about sharing their office space.Everybody I spoke to works in an open-plan office and unpartitioned desks were […]